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MINA - Elements
MINA - Elements
Mini album - United Sounds 2016
Production - Clip

Ska-talites  Manika Kaur - I bow to you Waheguru
Ska-talites - History of Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae
Double live album - United Sounds [to be released 2015]
Manika Kaur - I bow to you Waheguru - United Sounds 2015
"Cinematic and serene morsels of cosmic and spiritual beauty."
Inside World Music - Mathew Forss

Plateaux Mina

Plateaux - Moon / Profound
Along a beautiful collection of artwork postcards
Mina - Yozora. Le planete bleue v8
"A bewitching mix of Japanese traditional songs, Indian Vedic music and digital technologies” Yves Blanc, La Plan├Ęte Bleue, Couleur 3
OskEtmo meets Osk
Osk - Ligeia Mare
Micromemories [ 2006 - 2008 ]
A collection of five experimental electronica compositions
Etmo meets Osk - Silver Liquid
“a space where organics sounds collide with electronic textures”
Rosa Perez, Fluido Rosa RNE Radio 3
Spectre Spector Wazan
Spectre Spector - Spectre Spector
Album production.
Wazan - Wazan
Album released by Crue-l records Japan 2005.
Re-released by Fotone label in 2010.
Talvin Singh and Sangat - Songs for the inner world Raconteur - Boss me
Album released by Naive records, France
Discogs - Amazon
Opening track for the compilation album We can Share.
Released by the Japanese label A bit of Heaven