An audio-visual installation piece in collaboration with Soichi Matsumoto, premiered at the exhibition After the Void, curated by Ministry of Nomads.

Exploring the depths and shallowness of infinite possibilities where everything and nothing is within your reach.

“He went to Yosemite and saw a big waterfall coming over a cliff. It’s one river at the top of the cliff, but as it falls, the river breaks up into all these individual droplets. And then it hits the bottom of the cliff, and it’s one river again. We’re all one river ‘till we hit this cliff. That distance between the top of the cliff and the bottom of the cliff is our life. And all the individual little droplets think they really are individual little droplets until they hit the bottom, and then they’re gone.”

Still from footage.

We are often baffled and overwhelmed by its depths and complexity of the world around us. Yet, the world we see through our mind is the only world we know. It is unique to each of our own since we are born.

Space planning for the Edison Building

We feel, imagine, perceive, and make decision through our own mind to make sense of it all. Some become deeply important and rest becomes insignificant. It is an irony that however much we place high value in our own decision, passion, and life, we are all just like a droplet. But does this mean we do is important yet insignificant? It is for us to decide on our own.

1:10sec sample taken from the original piece. Three layers of sound and full spatial rotation missing in this example due to stereo constrictions on video streaming.
Original sound on multi-speakers 5.1, footage at 50fps.

Droplet premiered at the exhibition After the void.