Mina -  Yozora
"She plunges into a tantalising dimension between atmospheric melancholy and exotic ambient laptop crackling and secular poetry."
La planète bleue March 2015 - By Yves Blanc

Manika Kaur -  I bow to you Waheguru
"Cinematic and serene morsels of cosmic and spiritual beauty."
Inside World Music December 2014 - By Matthew Forss

"At times reminiscent of what Sigur Rós might sound like if they were Punjabi women rather than Icelandic men."
Perceptive Travel World Music Reviews February 2015 - By Laurence Mitchell

"Intriguing and exploratory songs, like the piano- and strings- driven expanse of "Waheguru (The Journey)" and the violin-assisted,"
modern melodic soundscape of "Aukhee Gharhee".
Exclaim! January 2015 - By Ryan B. Patrick

Talvin Singh -  Songs for the inner world
"« 21st tabula » has the restrained splendour that incarnates the royal spirits of the huge basilica where it was recorded."
Mondomix by Daniel Brown