Manta Rhei

Cutting edged OLED electronics meets mechatronics.
A project by Selux and ART+COM.

After the Void

After the Void explores states of consciousness which emerge from the quiet stillness and ecstasy of the free mind. Diverse in their medium and technicality, the artworks and performances draw inspiration from moments of self-transcendence and eminent awareness that are not subordinate to rational analysis or the problem-solving mind.

Carlos Garaicoa
Henry Hudson
Mabel Poblet
Philip Volkers
Shlomo Harush
Yunior Marino
Yoon Lee
Martin Richman
Stephen Butler
Soichi Matsumoto
Oskar Vizan

Socrates that Practices Music
Etmo Meets Osk
DJ James Cunningham

Opening night Thursday 11th April 2013
Edison House, 223-231 Old Marylebone Road, London NW1 5QT


Strike, Clara von Zweigbergk and Shane Schneck rethinking of the matchbox.

100 million miles away

Beautiful view of Earth from a hundred million miles away.
The image was captured by the Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory B (STEREO-B)

EU airlines and instruments

A reform of EU passenger rights law appears to include the right to carry small musical instruments on board a passenger flight. Source ArtsJournal.
Finally.. We will have to wait till 2015 though.

Sound spatial rotation

Experimenting with 5.1 and sound spatial rotation for the installation project droplet.